Wildlife & Waterfowl

The 80-acre Park is a wildlife preserve and riparian area along the Uncompahgre River Corridor. Here you may see bear, elk, deer, marmot, small ground animals like fox, squirrels and rabbits, and even an illusive big cat including bobcat, cougar, or lynx. There are plenty of songbirds and local birds as well.

The river is native habitat and nesting place for ducks, geese, eagles, hawks, herons, and an occasional osprey. In the spring, watch for rows of baby goslings and ducks, learning to swim and watched over by attentive parents. Our native blue heron stalks along the river’s edge, looking for food, then flies up into the trees to watch visitors along the walkway. In the water, look for salmon and trout, food for the local waterfowl and birds, and fun for fishermen.

Remember to walk softly, leave no food that might be ingested by wildlife or birds, and take care not to frighten the birds and animals.

Contributing Photographers: Rusty Weaver, Cecily Anne, Carolyn Wilcox, Kathryn R. Burke, James Burke, Roger Young

Directions to the Park: approximately 1.5 miles north of Ridgway, turn west at RiverSage Drive. Follow the road down and cross the bridge. Park in the lot on the right. R.V. turn-around available. The entrance to the park is marked by a sign “Dennis Weaver Memorial Park,” but you will see the Eagle as you cross the bridge.