Poem Rock

The Poem Rock just inside the park is inscribed with a lovely poem written by Dennis Weaver.

I saw an eagle in the sky today
Flying free upon the wind
In my dreams I touched its wings
Caught the wind and flew with him.

Oh, what glory it was for me
Flying free up in the sky
For dreams become reality
If in our souls they never die.

So seize the moment which is now
For your eagle lives within
Hold the Vision of your truth
Dream your eagle and fly with him.

Dennis Weaver

Contributing Photographers: Kathryn R. Burke, James Burke, Rusty Weaver

Directions to the Park: approximately 1.5 miles north of Ridgway, turn west at RiverSage Drive. Follow the road down and cross the bridge. Park in the lot on the right. R.V. turn-around available. The entrance to the park is marked by a sign “Dennis Weaver Memorial Park,” but you will see the Eagle as you cross the bridge.