Park Features

Highlight of the Dennis Weaver Memorial Park Features is the Eagle Monument. The bronze sculpture weighs 2,800 pounds and has a wingspan of over 20 feet. The Eagle is the centerpiece of the astronomically aligned medicine wheel, a ring of stones, like spokes, which radiate from the huge stack of stones holding the Eagle. The stones, stacked as “cairns,” often contain prayers or tributes to loved ones. Near the entrance to the medicine wheel, the Poem Rock is inscribed with Dennis Weaver’s poem about the Eagle. The Park also features a lovely picnic area along the river and miles of hiking and biking trails. The 80-acre Park is also a nature preserve and riparian area, so you will see wildlife, waterfowl, and wild birds, including eagles, which nest here along the river. We even have a resident blue heron! The Park also hosts various events, including a Summer Solstice Ceremony and an annual Paint in the Park contest.

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The Eagle Monument will be an unforgettable highlight of your park experience

Picnic area – along the river bank

Medicine Wheel – with outer rings radiating out from Eagle centerpiece.

Poem Rock – inscribed with Dennis Weaver’s poem about the Eagle.

Carins – stacks of stones containing prayers or tributes to loved ones.

Hiking and biking trails wind throughout the Park

Directions to the Park: approximately 1.5 miles north of Ridgway, turn west at RiverSage Drive. Follow the road down and cross the bridge. Park in the lot on the right. R.V. turn-around available. The entrance to the park is marked by a sign “Dennis Weaver Memorial Park,” but you will see the Eagle as you cross the bridge.