Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails radiate from the park, meandering along the river and traversing the sagebrush-covered mountainsides. For an easy walk, follow the the walkway along the river south from the Eagle to the old railroad bridge in town. You’ll find restrooms and picnic tables about a half mile from the parking area. For a more rugged hike, take the old Stagecoach Trail (just north of the Eagle) and follow it up through the hills toward Montrose. There is also a path (partly paved) along the river, winding north (from the bridge below the Eagle parking area) past the State Park and campground. Restrooms are about a mile down the river.

This is a natural wildlife preserve. Depending on the route you choose, you should see lots of wildlife, waterfowl, and wild birds. The park is home to bear, elk, deer, marmot, fox, small ground animals like squirrels and rabbits, and maybe even a bobcat or cougar. The river is native habitat to ducks, geese, eagles, hawks, heron, and an occasional osprey.

If you’re heading up into the hills, be sure to take water along. This is high, dry desert country. You could dehydrate quickly. While visiting the Park, please keep pets on a leash and clean up after them.

And please —walk quietly, stay on trails, and leave nothing behind but footprints!

Contributing Photographers: Rusty Weaver, Kathryn R. Burke, James Burke

Directions to the Park: approximately 1.5 miles north of Ridgway, turn west at RiverSage Drive. Follow the road down and cross the bridge. Park in the lot on the right. R.V. turn-around available. The entrance to the park is marked by a sign “Dennis Weaver Memorial Park,” but you will see the Eagle as you cross the bridge.